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Reeflowers Remorganics 85ml

5.20 GBP

Pheromones and organic substances released by aquatic organisms may harm other aquarium inhabitants. ReeFlowers RemOrganics removes organic and inorganic harmful waste from aquarium water, thus improving water quality. It is used to clean the water during the water changes and after the drug treatment, to facilitate the adaptation of the organism to the water while adding the new organism, to reduce the risk of stress and to delay the degradation of the water during the transportation of the organisms. It removes ammonia, chlorine and heavy metals. Can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It does not harm fish, plants, reef organisms, beneficial colonies of bacteria and beneficial micro-organisms. It does not cause a change in pH level. It is not toxic. It does not require shut-off of mechanical, chemical or biological filters, such as protein skimmer, active carbon filters, etc. during application.

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